Bibbi Abruzzini is a VJ for Zoomin.TV and consultant for UNESCO in Kathmandu. A regular blogger on The Huffington Post, Bibbi is a dedicated reporter and former foreign correspondent for Xinhua News Agency. Over the years she has covered a variety of subjects from over 15 countries, including alternative livelihoods in Colombia, the humanitarian crisis along the US-Mexico border, homelessness across the globe, and sexual trafficking in Nepal.  An advocate for the solutions journalism movement, Bibbi is interested in covering far-from-the spotlight, grassroots communities. Her video and photo reportages include ethnographic elements with the objective of breaking the hierarchy between filmmakers and 'subjects' in order to provide genuine and spontaneous narratives. Her work has appeared in international media, including Xinhua News Agency, The Huffington Post, Yahoo, msn, AOL, China Daily, Global Post, New Europe, Daily Mail and MO* magazine.

Email: bibbi.abruzzini@gmail.com

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